Waterproof Coatings Material Properties

Waterproof Coatings Material properties

Classification of waterproof materials

Waterproof materials include coil, paint, sealing materials, rigid waterproof material four categories. See  for details

 Classification of waterproof materials

Classification of waterproof coatings

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De Gao K11 waterproof paste series of waterproof products are: waterproof coating - synthetic polymer coatings - organic and inorganic composite - polymer cement-based paint.

1. The difference between waterproofing membrane and coating

Due to the differences in the material composition and appearance of the waterproofing membrane and the waterproof coating material, the characteristics of the material, the construction technology, the applicable parts and the application environment are different. The two comprehensive performance comparison see .

Table 1.2 Comparison of waterproofing and waterproofing coatings

Classification of waterproof coatings

2, the development of waterproof coating history

In the 1950s, waterproof coatings began to apply to the building's leakage repair. 60 years the United States began to use polyurethane waterproof coating, one after another a variety of polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating and synthetic polymer waterproof coating positive development, and the development of inorganic infiltration crystalline waterproof coating, is now environmentally friendly and efficient waterproof coating development. Domestic waterproof coating development and application began in the 20th century, 60 years, the widespread use of petroleum asphalt. 70 years of renewable rubber - asphalt waterproof coating. In January 1985, developed polyurethane waterproof coating, that is, 851 tar polyurethane coating. 90 years from abroad to introduce advanced water-based waterproof coating, cement-based waterproof coating and other environmentally friendly waterproof materials, such as 1995 from Germany Tak Tak China K11 waterproof slurry has become synonymous with cement-based waterproof coating. So that the development of China's waterproof coating into a new era. 2.1 Comparison of four generations of waterproof coating

The development of waterproof coating through the "asphalt ointment - organic polyurethane - organic acrylic - polymer cement base" four generations of waterproof material development process. China is vast, urban, rural development is different, the current four kinds of materials are still applied. Rhithers. Refindings. Referss. Findse outcome Rhithers. Rhithers. Verticals. Refinding outcome Rhithers. Rhithers. Rhitherical polymers Results Rhitherical calling composition views Rhitherical outcome composition composition views Rhitherlferences composition composition views wanted outcome idtern Four generations of waterproof coating comprehensive comparison see .