Tile Adhesive Has The Following Advantages

Tile Adhesive Has the following advantages

First, in the paving tiles, the use of ceramic tile adhesive and the use of traditional cement mortar paving in the end where the difference between it?

Expert solution: the use of tile adhesive paving tiles are called thin stickers. Compared to the traditional cement mortar paving tiles, thin stickers is the development trend, has the following advantages:

1. Directly watered to use, less maintenance, quality assurance, bond strength is 3-5 times the cement;

2. The use of tooth type thin layer paste, with less and uniform, the adhesive is only 3-4mm thick, to avoid the tile hollowing;

3. Worker easy to operate, greatly enhance the efficiency of brick, about 25 ㎡ per day or so;

4. Good water resistance, with strong moisture-proof impermeability;

5. The nature of partial flexibility, will not cause stress on the tile and tile cracking, can withstand hot and cold cycle without separation from the grassroots;

6. Tiles without pre-soaking, the wall without wetting, reduce the process, improve efficiency;

7. Construction site, the workers in accordance with the proportion of the barrel can be completed in the binder ratio, clean and efficient, reduce site dust.

Second, some people say glazed tiles use tiles binder easily lead to cracking, what is the reason? How should I deal with it?

Solution: Tile Binder is a modified polymer mortar, itself has a good construction performance and hardening properties, but there are differences between the performance of products. Apply to the glazed tile products, the market a lot of types, if the paste after the glazed tile cracking, the general can view these aspects: whether the grassroots cracking deformation, adhesive layer is too thick, adhesive or tile is off. Li Wenqing suggested that in order to avoid the use of adhesive tile, the tile cracking and other phenomena, it is recommended that the construction staff to carefully read the product packaging.

Third, tile adhesive is divided into several categories? What are their respective environments?

Answer: Tile adhesives are classified in many ways, and according to the binder product industry standard classification, the binder can be divided into: cement-based adhesives, paste emulsion adhesives, reactive resin binder, Each type of strength, special performance (opening time, anti-slip, setting time, etc.) is divided into several models, we usually refer to the general refers to cement-based adhesives.

Four, what circumstances recommend the use of ceramic tile adhesive?

Answer: Tiles as a finishing material, in the installation process, the general use of full sticky way, and the use of the paste material.

Five, how should choose the right tile adhesive?

Answer: Consumers in addition to the choice of ceramic tile according to the corresponding tile, but also should be based on the characteristics of the tiles to choose. For example, if you want to shop is a heavy brick, you should choose the right two-component ceramic tile to increase the cohesive force, and in the double brick on the double construction (that is, brick and walls are painted with ceramic tile).