Tile Adhesive Construction Steps

Tile Adhesive Construction steps

Standard construction steps:

Step 1: First clean the back of the pre-selected tile and check the paste base. Base surface should be solid, smooth, clean, non-polluting, loose objects, hollowing, etc., with curing agent, release agent, the more smooth concrete surface to be polished rough construction. If the base is not strong, not flat, please first with plaster or leveling mortar leveling the wall.

Step 2: First put the required water into the "mixing bucket" Tile binder Mixing ratio: 20kg Tile binder + (4-5) kg of water.

Step 3: Slowly pour the ceramic tile powder into the "mixing bucket". Tile Binder Mixing Ratio: 20kg Tile Adhesive + (4-5) kg Water (Tips: Please do not add any other products in the tile adhesive, such as: cement, etc.).

Step 4: water and tile adhesive into the, and then use the "electric mixer" to stir evenly without particles, no precipitation paste paste, standing for a few minutes and then slightly stirring, you can start the following tile.

Step 5: Construction, please use the professional "Toothed Scraper" will be evenly scraping the mortar on the surface of the work, according to the tile area approved scraping construction surface.

Step 6: with "tooth-type scraper" will evenly scraping the mortar on the base surface and tile on the back of the tile after the operation. (Note: the back of the tiles are generally dust, scraping tile, please dust first.

Step 7: Put the tiles when the tiles rubbed against the base surface by hand, or use the glue hammer gently beat to adjust the flatness of the tile.

Step 8: To ensure the parallelism of the tiles is recommended to use the ruler at any time to correct. The entire tile adhesive tiling process is completed, the standard construction method can make the speed of tiling greatly accelerated;

Tile Binder is a non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, non-corrosive, green special adhesive, can be divided into three categories: polymer type, ordinary type, heavy brick type. It is the use of imported polymer cement modified high-quality cement, coupled with quartz sand, a variety of additives, fill the fine processing of powder from the high-strength bonding material, stir the water can be used directly. Tile adhesives have the following advantages:

1, the product does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, heavy metals and other harmful substances, health and environmental protection.

2, water resistance, anti-aging, excellent resistance to water permeability.

3, with a lasting bond strength, shrinkage is small, can effectively avoid the risk of hollowing, out of brick.

4, has a good flexibility, construction convenience, to meet the slurry paste construction, saving materials, improve the use of indoor space.