N 2015, China Ceramic Tile Adhesives Industry Layout Analysis

alked about ceramic bond agent of market development bottleneck Shi, Australia can high (China) Group Investment Department Manager Zhong Lanlan think, currently maximum of bottleneck also is price problem, caused this reasons main is consumers on ceramic bond agent of awareness enough in-depth, "many people think as long as can put tile paste Shang wall on can has, as paste long, will off brick, problem construction units not to consider, user also not understand". General construction materials because many dollars per ton, not taking into account the integrated unit price, home improvement consumers, consumer habits, hard to change within a short time.

Meanwhile, ceramic production enterprise in improve the quality of ceramic tile, tile adhesives for recognizing the need for specialized facilities, but relative to expensive tiles, due to the use of traditional sand-cement prices are very low, using tile adhesive material unit price higher, so they are often biased towards the former in the actual operation.