Interior Tile Adhesive Liquid Type

Interior Tile Adhesive Liquid type

The current market of brick adhesive products too complicated! Cement sand is a tile binder, this binder flexibility, water retention, adhesion is relatively low. With the changes in seasonal temperature, thermal expansion and contraction caused by the performance of cement mortar becomes very low very low, likely to cause the phenomenon of hollowing off. In general, due to market instability. The rising cost of decoration materials, the market supply and demand is uncertain, the traditional ceramic tile has been unable to keep up with changes in the market. Here we recommend a, time-saving, and convenient tile adhesive.

In general, the home improvement company is to save money to save this kind of profit only big, the owners are mainly afraid of the market is too messy, buy the traditional binder is the cement and sand directly back, without any additives (cellulose and the like Water retention)). Dealers want to have both business opportunities, there is no place, logistics costs are not high and can have quality assurance. So for these questions! Launched a new product! Advanced Tile Binder.

Tile binder, is a modern decoration of the new material, replacing the traditional tile glue. It is a liquid type of ceramic tile, also known as tile adhesive, tile adhesive. To solve the traditional tile adhesive paste will appear tiles hollowing off the phenomenon, and its low construction costs, construction and simple.


1: paving a variety of materials specifications specifications of the tiles, especially for the tiles of the better bonding effect, suitable for home decoration of the bathroom, kitchen, balcony and other parts of the tile and corridor public parts of the tile paste.

2: in the building inside and outside the wall cement mortar before brushing a high-grade ceramic tile adhesive, to prevent the painted wall is not empty do not fall off, but also play a waterproof effect, can do inside and outside the impermeable. In the building beam and column parts, after the demolition of the template, due to the presence of stripping oil, easy to empty after the paint off, as long as the brush strong pots of high-grade ceramic tile and then will not be empty drum off.

3: in the building facade renovation walls, such as tile surface, mosaic surface, marble surface need to re-coating paint, first in the surface of the coating again strong pots of high-grade ceramic tile, and then criticized the external wall putty, painted Installed on the outer surface of the paint is not empty, do not fall off also play the effect of waterproof plugging.


1: If you paint or the old wall before the refurbished surface only need to use short hair roller roll can be.

2: paste the tile: 2 hours ahead of time, with a brown brush or a small roller to stir the binder evenly, brush directly on the back of the tile (brick around the edge can stay 2mm or so, to prevent the adhesive flow to the front), etc. The surface of the transparent, with ordinary cement to join about one-third of the sand into the mortar paste. Paste the wall is also recommended to brush again strong senior tile adhesive, so sticky stronger, better waterproof, absolutely no hollow, do not fall off.