Interior Tile Adhesive High Bonding Strength

Interior Tile Adhesive High bonding strength

In recent years, the owners because of tile hollowing, shedding and other reasons and the phenomenon of developers litigation is common, and these phenomena are mainly due to the use of traditional cement mortar paste tiles caused. Some professionals believe that, compared to the traditional cement mortar, indoor tile adhesive in terms of safety quality and service life, or in the long-term economic benefits have an unparalleled advantage.

The current market share is still less than 10%

Indoor tile adhesive, also known as tile adhesive or tile adhesive, mainly used for pasting tiles, tiles, floor tiles and other decorative materials, widely applicable to the inside and outside the wall, floor, bathroom, kitchen and other architectural finishes. Its main feature is the high bonding strength, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, good aging resistance and construction convenience, is a very good bonding material. With the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, simple construction, strong adhesion and other advantages of the indoor tile adhesive in the industry gradually popular, professional use of indoor tile adhesive in improving efficiency, saving manpower and material resources, improve the working environment and many other advantages are obvious. However, due to the promotion of difficult, the industry revealed that the current market share is still less than 10%.

Insiders said that the current indoor tile adhesive in China is difficult to promote and popularize the biggest reason is that consumers and construction side of the awareness and ideas have not kept up. Consumers mainly focus on the cost of consideration, the traditional cement mortar paving low cost, and the use of indoor tile adhesive the cost of the new process is relatively high, in addition to tile inlay workers to understand the use of indoor tile adhesive is not enough, even Do not know how to use professional indoor tile adhesive, let alone promotion.

Multi-linkage of the positive promotion

In fact, how to solve the tile paving new technology promotion and use, as early as the industry believes that tile manufacturers and indoor tile adhesive production enterprises will be an effective solution. The recent rise of new ceramic materials, such as ceramic sheet, due to large specifications and special performance, in the paving process will pay more attention to the use of professional indoor tile adhesive and indoor tile adhesive business cooperation, which for indoor tile adhesive Promote the use of undoubtedly has important significance.

In the end of the ceramic industry chain, as the building materials manufacturers and ceramic materials, the direct users of building materials brand reputation and the promotion of accessories brand has a very important significance, especially for the tile paving new materials and The promotion and application of new technology plays a very important role in promoting.