Exterior Tile Adhesive Industry Status

    Exterior Tile Adhesive When talking about the bottleneck of the development of ceramic adhesives, Australia's high investment (China) Group Merchants Manager Zhong Lanlan that the biggest bottleneck or price problems, causing this reason is mainly consumer awareness of ceramic adhesives is not deep enough , "A lot of people think that as long as the tile can be attached to the wall on it, as long as the paste, will not drop the brick and other construction units will not be considered, the user does not understand." Because the general construction unit only look at the material per ton of how much money, did not take into account the comprehensive unit price, home decoration consumers are the same, this is the consumption habits of the problem, a short time is difficult to change.

   Exterior Tile Adhesive At the same time, ceramic manufacturers in the improvement of the quality of tiles, the need to recognize the need for a special tile adhesive to match, but relative to the expensive tiles, due to the use of traditional cement sand price is very low, the use of ceramic tile relative material unit price So they are often biased towards the former in actual operations.

   Exterior Tile Adhesive As with tiles, the cost of transporting ceramic adhesives to the entire cost is very high. Transport costs is indeed a big problem, Zhong Lanlan said that because the freight is transparent, if the freight plus 200 yuan per ton, may also have market competitiveness, but the transport costs of more than 500 yuan is basically no competitiveness. For example, the factory in Shanghai, Wuhan need to freight about 400 yuan. Ceramic binder are basically road transport, so transportation costs are often an important factor restricting the development of enterprises. Many manufacturers can not solve this problem has become a regional brand, so the domestic brand regional restrictions are very strong, because its sales price is not high, pull the field and local business competition is simply not competitive.

   Exterior Tile Adhesive To this end, some large ceramic binder enterprises have adopted the form of regional layout to solve this problem, in the major regions were established production base to ensure that the production of product quality consistent, the same price, so that can effectively solve the transport costs The The other is to seek franchisee and interested in cooperation with the ceramic dealers.