Competition Leading To Market Confusion

Order ceramic Binder industry price competition to the market chaos. Size of tile adhesive domestic factories have more than 8,000 more than the number looks impressive, but there is a real handful of normative enterprise scale, most of the enterprises are operating in small areas, fighting each other, production technology and equipment behind, so that product quality could not be guaranteed, can only rely on cheap sales.

Domestic tile bond agent of market price is compared chaos of, General of dry mixed mortar, regions small factory can took poor products posing as qualified products, each tons price may on equivalent to cement sand mixed processing zhihou of price, but actual products if qualified of products, its cost at least are to each tons 1000 Yuan above, and these low quality of products sales price each tons only 500 Yuan. On the other, foreign brands, prices can reach 2000~3000 Yuan per ton, special adhesives prices even higher.