Bathroom Tile Adhesive

Product Details

Uking tile adhesive is a one for all adhesive used for all kinds of tiles such as ceramic, mosaic, gauged slate, porcelain, marble, and gauged stone tiles, vitrified, glass and wood.

It is known for their exceptional strength and durability when used for construction projects that require top performance……

Our objective is to provide an easy to use bonding product with cost and time savings to the construction industry with lifetime warranty.

Uking tile adhesive has been tested and has been awarded a SGS certificate for its bonding and waterproof capabilities.

We hope you will give Uking tile adhesive a try for your next construction project for ceramic tiles, stone, marble or wood, etc…

Q: How much is the maximum coverage area?

A: about 700 square feet / 5 gal. /bucket.   Have 2 gal. /bucket available.

UKING is a competitive Interior Tile Adhesive manufacturer and supplier in China, you can wholesale bathroom tile adhesive from our factory.