Performance standards for tile adhesive and tiles falling off the reason

Currently tile adhesive products JC/T547-2005 ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive, standard, this standard adopts the European test methods and specifications. But due to the concrete floor, pull test and test tiles there is a gap with Europe, in particular the concrete slab, a bigger difference between the different inspection bodies, resulting in poor comparability of test results, product test pass rate is low at present, product quality reasons, but uncertainty has a lot to do with the test.

Acceptance criteria of the tiles after the construction of the tile adhesive strength test standards for construction projects (JGJ110) and the specification for construction and acceptance of face tile in exterior wall (JGJ126). Due to product standards, and acceptance criteria from two different management, lead to the emergence of a new situation, some tile adhesive can not conform to JC/T547-2005 standards, but, indeed, meet the standards of construction and acceptance of JGJ110 and JGJ126.