Ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive applications

This product is widely used for wear-resistant ceramic paste, especially thermal power, steel, metallurgy, machinery, coal, mining and other industries a strong powder scouring paste or slurry erosion wear of equipment wear-resistant ceramic. Especially suitable for high temperature work condition of wear-resistant ceramic paste.

Export pipelines, coal mill powder machine shell, steel plant dust removal system, duct elbow of wear-resistant ceramic paste.

Export of ball mill tube site and paste the fan wind shell wear-resistant ceramic lining, can also be used for steel plants, smelters hoppers, silos, harvesters paste in wear-resistant ceramic.

And metallurgical coal, ash handling system of the iron and steel industry expected to lose, batching system Hopper, hoppers and other sticky wear-resistant ceramic plate on the device. Also suitable for high temperature operating conditions mechanical parts of adhesive and repair.