Adhesives for interior decorators before purchase

1, according to the classification of chemicals: including organic and inorganic adhesives adhesives. Organic adhesives are divided into natural and synthetic adhesives adhesives. Synthetic adhesives resins, rubber, compound type, such as natural adhesives, such as animal, plant, mineral, natural rubber adhesive. According to the chemical composition of inorganic adhesive phosphates, silicates, sulfate, Borate and other.

2, classified by shape: can be divided into solid and liquid adhesives adhesives. Solution, emulsion, paste, adhesive film, tape, powder, rubber, glue sticks, and so on.

3, classified by use: can be divided into non-structural adhesives and structural adhesives, specialty adhesives (such as high temperature, low temperature, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, magnetic, adhesive seal, the water, etc) in three categories.

4, classified by application method: room temperature curing type, thermosetting, hot-melt, pressure-sensitive, and then wet-type adhesive.